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Welcome to the Sportsman's Central Wiki!

The Sportsman's Central Tech Wiki is a valuable reference tool for all topics of interest to the avid sportsman. Here you will find technical insight, tips, and trivia for a wide range of topics near and dear to the sportsman's heart. Please feel free to peruse the Sportsman's Central Tech Wiki, and to contribute your insight as well.

Here is the unavoidable fine print:

  • Anyone can view the Sportsman's Central Wiki, but registration is required to contribute (registration is and always will be free).
  • Pages that do not fit the central theme for this site will be deleted (no pages on artsy-fartsy stuff here)!
  • DISCLAIMER - Information is posted to the Sportsman's Central Wiki by its registered members. Sportsman's Central cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and shall not be held responsible for any repercussions arising from its use.

Sportsman's Central will never screw with our fellow sportsman's personal information!

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Special thanks to mrshrinkray and Roadkill Wiki for providing the wiki engine used to power this site.